I love vintage advertising.


About 15 years ago, when I first started making good money in advertising, I began collecting vintage French advertising posters. I started with the Pelican Cigarettes poster above and throughout the years have slowly amassed a couple dozen pieces that range from the quite inexpensive to the crap-that’s-a-lot. But I must say, I love them. (Several other posters I own are also shown here.)

The production method of stone lithography is amazing to me. The incredible bold graphics these posters offer you just can’t find anywhere else. The attention to details and the sheer cost that went into making them back in 1900 is astounding. And above all, I love that paper pieces of advertising that have lasted in such beautiful condition for over 100 years now hang in my house. It’s a reminder of a long-lost part of an industry that’s my career. I could only dream of what I make today lasting as long.


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