Classic movie advertising.


These days, when we go to a movie we’re forced to sit through 25 previews of other terrible movies, some lame Coca-Cola trivia games and usually a U.S Army commercial or some talking paper bags from Fandango. The only semi-creative stuff you’ll see are the ads that tell you to turn off your cell phone. But it wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, we were treated to some of the coolest and most memorable theater advertising ever.

Start singing “Let’s all go to the lobby… let’s all go to the lobby…” to anyone over 35 and watch them finish the rest of the lyrics with a smile.

Serious Eats has compiled a list of vintage movie ads that’ll really take you back.


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  1. Fan!

    I’m in love with old Movie / Drive in culture. That what people didn’t get about Grindhouse – it wasn’t just about the Movies, it was about reenacting the experience of going to see a B movie double feature in the 70’s… complete with amazing trailers and Bad local ads… who’s products cleverly work their way into the films.

    Well worth seeing in the theater.

    If you’re interested in more of this stuff – SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO has put out a couple of DVD drive in double features – which include these ads / local ads (Mermaid Day next Sunday at THIS THEATER) / and trailers…


  2. I remember this…thanks for digging it up. I’ll sing the damned jingle all day now. I also remember drive in’s, with the old metal speaker you had to hang from the window of the car and my mother popping a grocery bag of popcorn for us. Good times.

  3. 3 dognpony

    I warned you! That jingle is so memorable you can’t help but sing it under your breath all day long.

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