The sorry state of advertising education.


The other day I wrote a little rant on how we seem to be getting away from the advertising basics that I was taught in college. Yes, things change, but there are fundamental principals of our craft that don’t – you need a concept and a USP, it needs to match the brief, etc.

Apparently I’m not the only one who feels like people coming into agencies these days are missing these core skills. Check out Karen Howe’s awesome article on “The Sorry State of Advertising Education”. She touches on many of the things I did, and then goes even further. It’s a great read and should be mandatory for any ad students in college right now.

“Speaking of students, if you desire a career in the ad business, be a passionate student of the business itself. Devour the work of your predecessors and reap the rewards: an incredible depth of knowledge, plus it will prevent you from filling your book with ideas that were done before.”


One Response to “The sorry state of advertising education.”

  1. I think this speaks to higher education as a whole. I went to a great school, but they spend so much time teaching ridiculously impractical “concepts,” frameworks and doing case studies that they don’t have time to teach things that are actually useful in the professional world.

    It’s hard to believe that a college marketing course in 2010 doesn’t teach web analytics, but I hadn’t even HEARD of Google Analytics until after I graduated. Although we were filled with meaningless acronyms, SEO and SEM as a concept was never taught.

    I think the world is evolving too fast for this traditional education to keep up anymore. Technology changes each day, and teachers can’t develop lesson plans that fast. I barely heard anything about social media in marketing classes, which is unthinkable at this point. I’ve learned more on my own just playing around with these tools on my own blog than I ever did in four years of school. Seems kind of ridiculous.

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