Will ad students ever learn?


Over the last week, we’ve had posts about going back to what we learned in college and how kids aren’t learning what they need to in ad school. And on this very blog I’ve said the same thing again and again – DON’T DO STUPID FUCKING SELF PROMO VIDEOS LIKE THIS. Sorry to get so harsh, but ad students need to know this.

Repeat after me: Your book gets you a job. Period.

If you have a good book, you don’t need to do ridiculous, embarrassing videos like this. If you don’t have a good book, even the world’s best self promo won’t get you hired. And if you don’t have a good book and do a dumb ass self promo? Well, that’s when you go find a new line of work.

Even if it only took this guy an hour to make this video, that is an hour that could be much better spent refining his portfolio. Guaranteed.

So ad students, I’m begging you. Stop. Stop wasting your time. Stop wasting everyone else’s time. Stop hurting your chances at a great career. No more self promo videos. Ever.


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