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I had to laugh at this article in the New York Times about how retargeted ads creep people out. You know them – it’s when you look at an item on a site and suddenly you’re seeing banner ads for it on every site you visit. Beyond the naivete of people who don’t think that […]

It was recently voted America’s Best Ad City. Nice.

It’s one thing when you hear a horrible remake of a pop song on a commercial (“Saved by Zero”anyone?) and think, “Man, that band must be hurting for money to sell the rights to their song like that.” And then there’s this spot with Lionel Richie for Walker’s Extra Crunchy. Oh sure, it’s supposed to […]

Wow. I mean… WOW. So here’s the thing with this long, d-list star-studded video by Butterfinger. It is so horrifically bad, so soul-crushingly ridiculous, so painfully pathetic… that it may come full-circle around to being kinda funny. I admit, I laughed in a few parts – although laughing with, or laughing at, I’m not sure. […]

Half of me wonders why this didn’t happen years ago. And half of me wonders why it happened at all. The big question is, what products will advertise in here? Viagra? Hair dyes? Via.

Um… I think I’ll come back when the sale is over.

Ok, this cracked me up. Via.