Carmen wishes you a happy birthday.


Admit it. You’ve always secretly wanted Carmen Electra to wish you a happy birthday. Ok, maybe not. But if so, your wish is about to come true. For $3, a start-up called Cameo Stars will sell you a video of celebrities like Carmen, Drew Brees, Tony Romo and Reggie Bush, holding a piece of birthday cake.

“Hey, I heard it’s your birthday,” Mr. Brees says in the video. “I made this cake just for you. Have a great one.”

Let’s hope Carmen Electra does a little more than that for her $3.


3 Responses to “Carmen wishes you a happy birthday.”

  1. 1 ram

    very nice

  2. 2 muhammad

    ilove…. wooow.. nice… very nice…!

  3. 3 Buck

    My minds telling me no.. but your body is telling me yeah!!!!!!

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