The great typo hunt.


As a writer, I am astonished on a daily basis how poor America’s grammar and spelling are. My personal pet peeve – copywriters who don’t know the difference between “over” and “more than”. Also people who don’t realize “increase in size” is redundant.

However it’s those type of errors that make me love this new book even more. It’s by Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, and they have detailed their journey across the states correcting other people’s mistakes, in their new book: The Great Typo Hunt. Yes, the trailer is horrible. But I have high hopes the book will be excellent.



2 Responses to “The great typo hunt.”

  1. 1 Duh

    Call me an illiterate art director, and explain to me how ‘over’ is different than ‘more than.’ And how an increase automatically refers to size (as opposed to weight or density or value).

  2. 2 dognpony

    “Over” is a physical location, i.e. over the top of something. It doesn’t relate to an amount. (At least according to the Chicago style manual.)

    And when people ask you to “Increase the font size”, that’s redundant. (Now saying “The size of the font should increase” is not.)

    As the language changes over time, these two examples are obviously dying out. And I guess I’m ok with that. But it still bugs me when someone writes “He’s a guy that knows what he wants.” instead of “He’s a guy who knows what he wants.”

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