David M Dyer is a thief.


There is almost nothing that gets me as pissed as hearing about some hack stealing someone else’s work. It’s happened to me twice before and I was livid. So I’m just as livid that David M Dyer, a hack online designer, has stolen a website from a friend of mine (as well as websites from multiple other people).

Check out his site. The first clue he has no idea what he’s doing is that horrible design. The type looks terrible. The design is shit. And the email function doesn’t even work.

Now comes the kicker – the Jax site at the bottom? I know the person who did that site by himself. And a quick search for @davidmdyer on Twitter reveals that the Cellar and Glocal Ventures sites are also ripped off from other people. It’s no big leap to guess that the rest of his site is stolen, too.

The sad thing is, this kid got his first job in advertising back in February from the Wynn Las Vegas. Did he use this stolen work to get the job? I hope Wynn fired his ass. In fact, I’m shooting off an email to the Wynn right now to demand they do just that.

Kids, you won’t get anywhere in this business by blatantly stealing other’s work. And if you do, you’re going down. Hard. Do me a favor and Tweet this or post a link to this article. When someone searches for David M Dyer, I want the very first Google result to be the title of this post.

UPDATE: Not only is all the work on his site ripped off, he even ripped off his portfolio site itself! (See below.)


7 Responses to “David M Dyer is a thief.”

  1. 1 Floss

    No H1 tag on his site? For shame!

  2. 2 Nicole

    I wish he would just apologize for his mistake and stop hiding like a little worm.

  3. 3 larry

    Tell us how you really feel.

  4. 4 Scott

    The little worm took his site down…

  5. 5 Steven

    I’ve already written all about this on my “Cat & Horse Show” blog.

  6. “I’ve already written all about this on my ‘Cat & Horse Show’ blog.”

    Made me laugh out loud. Kudos, Steven.

    The kid will get what he deserves eventually. Hopefully he’s learned a lesson and everyone who even thinks of stealing work is less motivated to do so.

  7. 7 i200908

    Great post. thank you! SEACSS

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