Karate kick the gay out of your son.


Is your son a cross-dressing embarrassment in the making? Then put him in karate class and make a REAL man out of him!

Yes, that’s actually the consumer benefit behind these awful ads from Miami ad agency Zubi for the RDCA martial arts academy. And the sad thing is, I can see the meathead MMA crowd laughing over this campaign while they taunt their less-than-macho kids into learning to fight. Way to go Zubi – for making people think ad folks are even bigger douche bags than they already do.


2 Responses to “Karate kick the gay out of your son.”

  1. 1 Steven

    If ever an ad smack of “Ad done for portfolio school, then a client found later so we can run it”, this one does. As far as the homophobia angle. Of course I hate it, and yet I know it’s probably a good motivator for a lot of people. Sometimes I hate what we do.

  2. These are awful. Advertising like this just makes me mad. At the agency and society in general.

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