Diet Mountain Dew has something to do with eagles.


That’s the best headline I could come up with for this Diet Mountain Dew spot. And trust me – the commercial makes even less sense than that headline. It certainly has nothing to do with the product.

How long are clients going to throw away money on agencies that produce total and complete crap like this? When, as agencies, are we going to get back to advertising that actually relates to the products we’re selling? Sigh…


10 Responses to “Diet Mountain Dew has something to do with eagles.”

  1. 1 Duh

    Yet another meeting where everyone talked about how much they (and “the kids”) liked those weird Skittles commercials and we should do something like that. Leaving out the connection to the product of course, because that just makes it weirder!

  2. 2 Nicholas

    Somehow a looooooong list of culprits believe this is the only way to reach the under-25 crowd. The brands all blend together. Shameful!

  3. 3 Cathy

    Who is the actress playing the eagle woman in this commercial?

  4. 4 dognpony

    She looks familiar, but I can’t place her.

  5. 5 LJ Marcovocci

    Ditto on the eagle woman…….have been trying to find out who she is but no luck. Even KGB’d it.

  6. 6 Linda

    The actress looks like Jane Lynch who is in Glee. She also portrayed Julia Child’s sister in Julia and Julie. I did a search to see if it is actually her but couldn’t confirm. Maybe it’s just a look-alike.

  7. 7 LSG

    Don’t know who the eagle girl is, but she is totally HOT ! The ad is supposed to make you feel that if you drink Dt mtn dew, you’ll be able to soar with the eagles as well. I’m guessing the girl drank more Dew than those two guys did. Way cool ! LSG

  8. 8 JRM

    I have also been tryin to find out who them woman is. She looks like Sensation Sherri from the old WWF…..

  9. 9 Hanover_Fiste

    It isn’t Sensational Sherri unless they filmed the commercial before she died…which I doubt since she died a couple years back in June of 2007. But I do see the resemblance also.

  10. 10 CAS

    Her name is Bonnie Aarons. She plays “Crackead Bonnie” in Mark Walhberg’s new movie “The Fighter.”

    Check out this link:

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