Why do most lottery ads suck?


I used to work on a lottery account a long time ago and to say they were difficult would be an understatement. But when I look around at other lotteries (I’m looking at you CA), their advertising is just as terrible. And while this spot for the Colorado Lottery isn’t painfully bad, you’d think that with a scratcher game based around the Broncos you could have done something funnier or more interesting.

Side note: The most memorable lottery commercial I’ve ever seen was also the simplest. It was a lock-down shot of an old-school alarm clock that was ringing like mad at 6:30 a.m.. For 25 seconds we just watched this clock ring before the announcer came in and said “If you win the [whatever state] lottery, you’ll never, ever have to hear this sound again.” Now there’s a benefit for you.


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