Lionel Richie is desperate.


It’s one thing when you hear a horrible remake of a pop song on a commercial (“Saved by Zero”anyone?) and think, “Man, that band must be hurting for money to sell the rights to their song like that.”

And then there’s this spot with Lionel Richie for Walker’s Extra Crunchy.

Oh sure, it’s supposed to be a parody. It’s supposed to be goofy. But how hard up must Lionel be to not only agree to have his song butchered like this, but to actually BE in the commercial to up the cheese factor exponentially? Yikes.


2 Responses to “Lionel Richie is desperate.”

  1. 1 Allie41

    Lionel isn’t desperate, he likes to have a good time, and he surely did have fun doing this commercial!

  2. 2 Duh

    Another case of ad creatives trying to find the next great ironic enjoyment sensation from the 80s. Is there any other type of ad humor?

    Keep dancing on the ceiling Lionel.

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