Retargeting creeps people out? Really?


I had to laugh at this article in the New York Times about how retargeted ads creep people out. You know them – it’s when you look at an item on a site and suddenly you’re seeing banner ads for it on every site you visit. Beyond the naivete of people who don’t think that most sites on the web don’t gather boatloads of information about you, I still wonder why it bothers folks.

I’m about to renovate a house, so I’ve been on a dozen kitchen and bath sites looking for deals. And personally, I love it when I’m on some other site and see an ad come up for a new kitchen and bath site I haven’t checked out yet. As an ACD at work pointed out the other day, “It gives me faith that the internet is working correctly.”

This is exactly what I want big companies to be doing online. I want relevant message to be served up to me. I want personalized offers when shopping. I want ads I should be interested in instead of the media buy du jour. If you ask me, that’s one of the big allures of the web that many agencies don’t fully take advantage of.


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