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W+K keep cranking out great Target spot after great Target spot. And these four new ones are no exception. I still don’t get the reason for all the various 80’s songs at the end, but I’m not going to quibble about it. 15 second spots are so hard to do in the first place. And […]

The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) recently launched a series of commercials about a “Miracle Food” – broccoli. Check out the spots above. But here’s the catch. The spots weren’t designed to sell broccoli. They were designed to prove that television advertising can sell anything. The TV was a big hit. Their Facebook page attracted […]

It’s not often I’m on the fence about an ad campaign – especially one from Nike. But I am about this one. (See additional spots here and here.) On one hand, these spots barely even show the what they’re for, let alone give me a reason to buy it. They’re pretty… obtuse might be a […]

Nonsensical metaphor – check. Overly-important voice over – check. Concept-free shots of car weaving between things – check. Copy that doesn’t give me a single reason t buy it – check. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a car commercial! Via.

I always love the work that Amnesty International does. And while this spot isn’t as visually stunning as some of the animated stuff they’ve done in the past, it’s dramatic, and conveys a simple truth that’s at the heart of what they and their members do. Full disclosure: In past lives, I’ve done advertising for […]

We’re going to drill down into this manifesto so we can amp up the social graph and inform the search cloud with media agnostic overlays. So you feel like strategizing on an impactful, synergistic 360-degree communication net with some deep-dive brand essence exercises that will create and curate an on-line consumer-centric hub with thought leaders […]

It seems like more and more these days, ad agencies and creatives are getting farther and farther away from advertising that actually sells. Creatives are satisfied to create 27 seconds of unrelated comedy and then slap a logo on the end. Or they’ll do a 3-minute web video that barely shows the product and never […]