Yes, it’s fake. Yes, it’s still true.


We all knew the second this letter from a supposed auto parts buyer came out that it was fake. No one writes a real missive like this to “All of Advertising and Marketing.” But here’s the catch: It doesn’t matter that it’s not real. It’s still true.

Our clients are really into their products. And they should be. That’s their jobs. We’re really into their products. And we should be. We’re getting paid to be. But with all of us so into our clients’ products, we often tend to forget that they’re .0000001% of the target audiences’ lives. Even something you use every single day – consumers simply don’t care that much about your product. Yet we charge ahead and present ideas, contests, microsites, etc., and rarely stop to ask “Would anyone actually DO this?”

I’ve talked about stepping back out of our ad bubbles before. This letter – real or fake –  is just another example of why we need to do it more often.


3 Responses to “Yes, it’s fake. Yes, it’s still true.”

  1. Ta for the link. When we wrote this letter and put it on our blog, we expected that our readers would realise that it was us just finding a fun way to make a point, which I think they did. Once it got posted around the internets though, it gained a life of it’s own – the debate around whether or not it was real was funny because, like you say, there are some pretty big clues in there that it wasn’t a real ordinary bloke.

  2. 2 Duh

    Whoever “invented” the idea of users re-editing commercials should pay a dear price.

    Is there a less interesting/rewarding thing to do on the internet?

  3. 3 dognpony

    Thanks for finding me.

    The sad thing in all this is that people are more concerned about whether the letter was real or not – instead of focusing on the content of the letter, which is spot on.

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