Great new thinking on an old brand.


These are the kind of stories I love.

After 31 years, Harley Davidson and Carmichael Lynch parted ways on Monday. Which side broke up with the other is currently a debate, but Harley made it clear that they weren’t going to conduct a new AOR search and instead go with a roster of shops. Now here comes the good part.

Enter Victors & Spoils – the “crowdsourced” creative agency started by a some ex-Crispin folks. They tell Harley, “Hey, we heard you’re agency-less. And we love your brand so much, we started working on ideas for you. For free.” All they’re asking is that if Harley likes one of the ideas, they pay the freelance creative who came up with it $5000.

It’s a genius move on so many levels. Not only are they getting an audience with a client who may never have considered them before, they’re also getting tons of free PR off this unusual move. And on top of that, every client with a long-standing (and stale) agency relationship is suddenly wondering what kind of enthusiasm Victors & Spoils would have for their business, too.

Great thinking from V&S. Let’s hope Harley is listening.

(Full disclosure: back when I was freelancing I did a job for Victors & Spoils and thought their brief, process and attitude was outstanding. And they paid well, too.)

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