Another 9/11 scam ad?


The ad blogs are blowing up over the latest, sickening use of 9/11 in an ad (coincidentally timed, I’m sure.) But I’d guess it’s another scam job from Saatchi & Saatchi France. Why? Well, first off, why would a French ad from a French agency for a French newspaper be written in English? Secondly, the ad makes zero sense – reading your newspaper would have stopped terrorists from crashing planes into the twin towers? And third, it’s a grade school Photoshop job – the towers were much taller than that.

But if it’s not fake? Saatchi & Saatchi France can go screw themselves.


2 Responses to “Another 9/11 scam ad?”

  1. 1 Dan


    youre right about the towers being shorter in this ad but..get this….THAT is actuall;y meant to be the idea. If only you’d anticipated the planes were flying at 110 stories high and built them to be 55 stories high…thats what they mean by ‘anticipation’. What a fkin stupid idea. Like planes can only crash in to 110 storey buildings not 55 storey ones.

    I dont know whether saatchi paris should be hauled over coals for their insensitivity or just being idiots professionally.

  2. 2 dragonflyshine

    I think the implication, as mentioned above, is that if you read this magazine you make smart business choices… thereby avoiding disaster. The choice of the towers as an illustration of the concept is of course absurd, unless we wanted to read some metaphorical meaning into the height of the towers such that their height represented some sort of hubris, which is also not very amusing. It’s probably funny in France but what a raw thing for New Yorker’s to see.

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