I’m laughing so hard I’m crying over this.


Or maybe I’m crying so hard I’m laughing. I can’t tell. It’s the websites of the Digital Agencies of the Future – as seen on an iPhone. I guess most agencies don’t consider mobile as digital. Or most just really don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

One Response to “I’m laughing so hard I’m crying over this.”

  1. 1 Buddy

    The reality is that angencies are as bad as their clients. Their website becomes the low priority because it doesn’t generate income. Or at least you can’t bill time against it. Goodby had a placeholder splash page for YEARS.

    I’m a bit torn about the iPhone thing. You yourself have pointed out that less then 25% (?) of consumers have smart phones. And let’s not forget Droid and other Flash friendly devices. In SF it’s easy to forget that Steve Jobs is not the end all be all or digital media.

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