God is in the details. So get them right.


At first glance, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this spot for AT&T’s rebranding of Yellowpages.com (now YP.com). It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it tells the story of a guy searching San Francisco for the vintage car of his dreams. But then 22 seconds into the spot, they ruin their message.

That’s because they try and tell me that a guy searching YP.com for “Auto Parts” would get the map results shown below. Anyone who lives in SF knows in an instant that there are no auto junkyards in the areas marked on that map. Not even close.

With a 1-second clip, they went from having me pay attention to their story to having me stop thinking about YP.com and discount them completely. Sloppy advertising at its worst.

Get the details right people. They matter. And people notice.


2 Responses to “God is in the details. So get them right.”

  1. 1 Buddy

    Oh come on now. This is likely a national spot. That’s like me saying, “I work at 3rd and Mariposa and I know that location is not a salvage yard, but a parking lot. Totally took me out of the story.” Does that matter to someone in Iowa (the audience more likely to be swayed from sticking with Google Maps or Yelp)?

    I’d take more issue with the conceit that searching “Auto Parts” is an effective way to find classic cars.

  2. 2 dognpony

    I don’t think it should matter if only a few locals notice. It’s still sloppy for the sake of sloppy. There’s no reason they can’t show a real map. Or hell, show a fake map and don’t even try to pretend it’s SF. That the spot was supposedly located in SF had no real bearing on the concept – so why make a point of it if you’re going to fake it?

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