When the concept gets in the way of the message.


I was the Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi S – an agency that specialized in “green” marketing, so I’m definitely on board with fighting global warming and creating responsible advertising. But this spot by Greenpeace that rails on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is so poorly done on so many levels, I can’t get behind it.

The concept itself is where the biggest problem is. It simplifies the argument down so much as to be not even true. And that kills their main point right there. All I think of with this idea is that they’re not telling me the whole truth. The childish animation style and voice over just add to the perception that they don’t really know what they’re talking about. Why would I believe a child’s simplistic take on this issue? This leaves me thinking there’s more to the story that a child doesn’t understand. So why would I sign a petition or even want to learn more?

Give me some real facts and a real argument presented in a mature way and then maybe I’ll be interested.


3 Responses to “When the concept gets in the way of the message.”

  1. I disagree. I think the video is brilliant. Tells the story in a very simple, easy to understand and appealing way. Am not a creative director, so can’t think of any other ways to tell the story, but doing it live– with live shots of coal spewing from smokestacks I’ve seen before. This treatment stayed with me — and I believe appeals deep down to folks concerned about the next generation without being so blatant about it. Greenpeace, you’ve done it again.

  2. 2 Valeriu

    I can’t watch this. It’s too slow and childish. And I believe the argument it’s way to simplistic. It’s like saying that Facebook runs directly on coal and you must shove coal into your computer to reply to friends. We’re grown-ups, we don’t believe in Santa Clause anymore. I think it’s a second hand job, like the one interns try to do.

  3. 3 Amy Johnson

    I liked the video too, and find it memorable…. and I am also not in advertising. Maybe it could have been done better (I’ll leave that to those of you who do that kind of thing) but I wouldn’t call it horrible. And as for shoveling coal into your computer… well, it IS plugged into the wall. Which of course makes it much easier to forget where that power comes from which I think is kind of the point – “let the source of the energy it takes to run the things I use every day be a problem for somebody else”. Maybe the choice for ‘clean’ energy isn’t as available or simple as this video claims for Mark Z. But maybe it will put a bit of pressure on?

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