More great Target work.


W+K keep cranking out great Target spot after great Target spot. And these four new ones are no exception. I still don’t get the reason for all the various 80’s songs at the end, but I’m not going to quibble about it. 15 second spots are so hard to do in the first place. And to do them this well is truly a work of great creative.


One Response to “More great Target work.”

  1. 1 Santiago Espinosa

    Let me give you a thought pointed out to me by a colleague (a Mr.Jeff Douglas). The songs are relevant to the theme of the spot and they are targeted @ people who grew up with those songs. Truffle of the Month: “Tenderness”, Broccoli: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, Toys: “Lets Go”, Kittens: “Age Of Consent”

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