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It’s not often I see a pharma ad this… angry. Then again, at least it’s not your standard, crappy drug advertising made from stock footage of people walking on a beach or spooning in a hammock. You’ve got to give them something for going beyond the cliché. I guess. Advertisements

Still trying to decide what to go as for Halloween? Here’s an idea. KFC is offering Colonel Sanders “Doubles” a chance to win the ultimate treat – free KFC for Life. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself in a white suit, black string tie and goatee to or send them via […]

No, this is not an advertising-related FAIL. But a FAIL nonetheless. GO GIANTS!

Go beyond oil.


I’m really liking the animation of this “Go Beyond Oil” video from Greenpeace. It’s also appropriately informational without dumbing down the content to be meaningless. Let’s hope this gets some traction and people learn a little something from it.

I was cracking up the other day when I saw these two ads for Jerry Brown (running for CA Governor). They’re just devastatingly effective and manage to be negative without smearing Brown with a negative ad brush. Absolutely classic.

Here we go. The World friggin Series. Let’s go Giants – clap clap clapclapclap. Via.

And people wonder why Americans are so fat? Check out this vintage ad from the 50s that advertises “2 full glasses in each 12oz. KING-SIZE CAN!” and compare it to Long John Silver’s POS where a “small” is 20oz. and a “large” is 64oz. (Which, in 50’s terms is apparently more than 10 full glasses.) […]