The worst video I’ve seen all year.


Look, I was the creative director of Saatchi S – a green marketing agency, so I’m all for getting people to stop climate change. But this is fucking horrible. Just FUCKING horrible on so many levels it makes me embarrassed to be in advertising and support a cause like this. As one friend said to me, “Can you imagine the outrage if this was any other issue? “Don’t agree with us? You deserve to be horrifically executed.” Apparently The Gestapo is ok as long as it’s for the “right cause.”

There are literally millions of ways to convince people to help stop global warming. This is about as far from it as you can possibly get.


4 Responses to “The worst video I’ve seen all year.”

  1. 1 Paul

    Ditto, this just makes me sick.

  2. 2 Buddy

    Isn’t this the basic premise of terrorism?

    And by the way, the argument that it’s done in humor only works if it’s funny.

  3. 3 dennis

    The “joke” wasn’t funny in the first scene. But someone obviously thought it was so good they added 3 more excruciating scenes to, I guess, drive the point home? Make us hate it even more? Piss off everyone in the world?

  4. 4 Ben

    Here’s a response to the video from Bill McKibben. If you’re not familiar with him, please check out

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