Why can’t anyone design a logo anymore?

Yes, we all know the new Gap logo is getting HAMMERED in the press. And rightfully so. It’s horrible. But what’s being overlooked in this Gaptastrpohy is the sad fact that’s it’s not just the Gap – nobody can seem to create a logo these days. Pepsi, Tropicana, Gatorade, Sunkist, Mountain Dew, Kraft – they’re all varying degrees of suck.
Where are all the good designers? Why are such iconic brands with deep pockets buying such bad work? You’d figure with all the ad/art/design schools out there, we’d be turning out better work than ever before, but we’re certainly not. Has Illustrator and InDesign turned every Mac owner into a wannabe graphic designer? Have we gotten lazy thanks to the gradient tool? I don’t know the answers, but I do know that crappy logos like the Gap have just got to stop.

3 Responses to “Why can’t anyone design a logo anymore?”

  1. omg! they’ve redesigned the new logo AGAIN! this time they’re asking us to VOTE on it! heaven help us! http://wp.me/pIfvI-qs

  2. 2 I Wore Khakis

    The old logo was looking a bit dated. And if you’ve looked at their in store stuff since they introduced the 1969 jeans, it’s all been very “Swiss Modern”. Seems like this was coming. Simple is fine. But it still needs to be ownable.

    Was this done internally? Sort of reeks of a Landor Helvetica snowjob.

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