Good concept. Poor execution.

I wanted to like this spot from Delta Faucets. The idea of washing away the day visually illustrated using body paint – very cool and something I haven’t seen before. But there are a lot of little details that confuse me.
Probably 98% of your target audience don’t play organized football or baseball – but you show multiple shots of each sport when the other body paints (mechanic, suit and tie, etc.) are much more relatable.
Why no women? I’d have to think women make a good percentage of shower head purchases and want a hot shower at the end of a hard day just as much as men do.
And finally, the biggest head scratcher of them all – why “Car Wash” as a song? Other than having the word “wash” in it, it doesn’t relate to the concept at all. I don’t get it.

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  1. 1 Delta Faucet, lo que ellas quieren - Cristian Monroy Marketing | Publicidad

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