Are you a nightmare client?


Oh if I were the kiss-and-tell type, I could go on and on about some of the worst clients you could possible imagine. The sad thing is, I guarantee you all have stories that are just as bad. And these days, nightmare clients seem to be less the exception than ever. Of course clients never think they’re the ones who are the worst, but if you’re a client and you’re reading my blog, here’s a quick list by Josh Catone to follow if you want to be loved by your agency.

There are a few points to add though:

1. Tell us your problem and let us give you the solution. Remember, we’re the marketing and communication experts. Let us do our jobs. Now, we’re not perfect – so if our work isn’t solving your problem, explain to us what the problem is and we’ll come back with another solution. Treat us like you’d treat your doctor: Explain what hurts. We’ll diagnose it and give you a prescription. If that doesn’t help the pain, come back and we’ll prescribe you something different. Just don’t start mandating what we prescribe.

2. Do not expect anything for free. If you’re a restaurant owner and a patron agrees to pay the $6 on the menu for a burger, that’s great. If they then wanted a coke, fries and an apple pie for the same amount, would you give it to them? Of course not. You own a business and need to make money, right? Well so do we. If you agree to a website with W, X, and Y functionality, don’t expect us to keep the price the same when you want to add in Z functionality at the last minute.

3. Thank us. You’d be surprised how far it goes. We pour ourselves into everything we do for you. A show of gratitude, even a small one, is HUGE for us and makes us want to go even farther for you the next time. It’s nice to be appreciated.


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