Fast food false advertising.

Not like we didn’t know this already but when you put them all side-by-side, it’s pretty shocking.

4 Responses to “Fast food false advertising.”

  1. I have rarely found any Fast food from any Franchise where the Picture isn’t far superior to the actual product.
    But the taste is usually good.
    However that applies to all visual advertising. Including Auto’ Life Insurance, Banks Groceries, Fruit , Toys , Furniture, etc.
    It’s nothing new.

  2. People defending the fast food false advertising cite other false advertising saying therefore all false advertising should be ok. This is not logical.
    ` ~- Nehmo

  3. 3 Steve Buchholz

    I just got one of the new Taco Bell XXL Chulupas last night and it was a joke compared to all the pictures at Taco Bell and the TV commercials, this should be friggin illegal. The thing I got didn’t even remotely resemble the farce on TV. The worst offender has to be the deli sandwhich that Gold Star Chili advertises. In the TV commercial they show a sandwhich so huge a normal adult could never even open their mouth wide enough to take a bite and then when I got the actual sandwhich it wasn’t even half the size depicted in their ads. Subway is also at the top of the list of false advertising…..should be illegal dammit!!!!!!!!!!

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