Taking the day off.


Dear Dog & Pony Show readers,

For more than a year and a half I’ve posted somewhere between 2 and 8 times a day – every single weekday (holidays excluded). I love doing it and it keeps me in-the-know and on the lookout for the coolest advertising-related stuff I can find for you guys. But if you don’t blog, you may not realize the time and energy that goes into posting every day. It’s a drain.

So I’ve decided to take a single day off.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more cool/funny/horrible/crazy ads for you to check out. In the meantime, read some of my old posts or maybe comment on one you have some thoughts about.

Thanks again for reading Dog & Pony. I’m always amazed when I look at the analytics and see how many people read my little corner of the internet. I really appreciate it.


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