Remember when… ?

Remember just a few years ago when U.S. soldiers were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and everyone was a little more aware of the war metaphors? When sportscasters stopped referring to football games in terms of life or death? When people shooting other people hit a little too close to home?
Yeah, well, apparently Call of Duty: Black Ops didn’t.

One Response to “Remember when… ?”

  1. 1 Prof Kingsfield Jr.

    I feel there’s an advertising masters thesis in this spot.

    – Casting/script choices and their symbolism:
    Violence without a plot or moral purpose.
    A preteen girl playing a game rated “M”.
    A doctor and a Hippie blindly clearing a room with a grenade.
    Kobe’s on-going public image confusion of hard ass and role model.
    Jimmy Kimmel as comic relief, to make it all “ok.”

    -Bigger picture:
    The difference between video game and television (live actors) depicted violence (see current Supreme Court case).
    What is the social worth of the term “soldier” become?
    This ad runs on Sunday morning during NFL games. How many gun shots can be found during the average NFL commercial break (movie trailers, CSI promos, etc)?
    The jump to literal representation of the game violence vs Xbox Balloons and similar spots.

    Submit you papers in blue book, single spaced. On my desk by 9 am Monday.

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