Because everyone missed the warning before.


There’s an old Dennis Leary bit where he says:

He wants to make the warnings on the packs bigger. Yeah! He wants the whole front of the pack to be the warning. Like the problem is we just haven’t noticed yet. Right? Like he’s going to get his way and all of the sudden smokers around the world are going to be going, “Yeah, Bill, I’ve got some cigarettes.. HOLY SHIT! These things are bad for you! Shit, I thought they were good for you! I thought they had Vitamin C in them and stuff!” You fucking dolt! Doesn’t matter how big the warnings are. You could have cigarettes that were called the warnings. You could have cigarrets that come in a black pack, with a skull and a cross bone on the front, called tumors and smokers would be lined up around the block going, “I can’t wait to get my hands on these fucking things! I bet you get a tumor as soon as you light up! Numm Numm Numm Numm Numm.”

And he’s right. So while these new warnings from the FDA are clever, they’re not going to do a damn thing to stop people from smoking.


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  1. 1 dennis

    I worked on anti-smoking ad campaigns as part of the Big Tobacco Settlement for a number of years until that money ran out. It was fun. But over the last couple of years I’ve really grown tired of the whole anti-tobacco movement for the very reasons Dennis Leary uses in that comedy routine. Besides, I hardly know anyone who smokes anymore. The U.S. pretty much traded smoking for eating and now we’re a nation of fat asses. Good thing the government won’t pass legislation regulating our eating habits… anyone want to meet me in SF for a Happy Meal?

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