I guess it’s a product benefit.


I was going to rip this spot for True Clean Towel to shreds for being gross, weird and bizarre. But then I realized it does what half the spots on TV don’t do – offer an actual consumer benefit. Think of the actual execution what you will, but not wiping your face with the same towel you previously wiped your balls with is a selling point. And for as often as I rail against advertising that doesn’t actually sell anything, I have to credit this one when it does.


One Response to “I guess it’s a product benefit.”

  1. 1 dennis

    You should have ripped it to shreds. It’s a crappy ad that uses a crappy prop for what looks to be a crappy product. Just the notion of their product plays on simple-minded hypochondriacs. If you shower right, your privates are just as clean as your face. Or maybe this towel is the perfect product for people who don’t wash down below.

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