Blockbuster, your ads are worse than your service.


We already all hate Blockbuster. That’s why they went bankrupt in the first place. But instead of going sweetly into the night, they got some sucker to give them cash for one last ad campaign to try and save it all. Our advice for the investor? Don’t hold your breath waiting for your money back.

This commercial from Blockbuster’s new campaign is horrible. It makes absolutely no sense. Beyond the fact that the scenarios they show aren’t even on the same level as having to wait for a movie, every comparison they make is for something where the business has already guaranteed a time. When you make a plane reservation, it’s based on the airline leaving at a certain time. Netflix and RedBox don’t claim they’ll have movies on Day 1 and then make you wait 28 days.

Buh bye Blockbuster. We won’t miss you or your ads.


One Response to “Blockbuster, your ads are worse than your service.”

  1. 1 JWC

    Amen to that. Besides mass loathing, they were just too damn slow to change their model. Netflix and Redbox buried them.

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