GM – by Goodby


I saw this ad on Thanksgiving Day and was blown away. Then I watched it again online and thought “What a self-serving piece of crap.” And then I watched it again and realized it was genius.

On the surface it’s a risky strategy – to admit you screwed up in such a monumental way. But what I absolutely love about it is that it gets people talking about GM again. And when was the last time that happened? Um… never? When did you actually pay attention to a GM ad? They’ve been so boring and so forgettable for so long, it’s beyond refreshing to see something like this. In fact, based on the client history, I’m calling this the Ad of the Year.


2 Responses to “GM – by Goodby”

  1. 1 Jenna

    I think they realized what most celebrity PR people have. If you say you made a mistake, ask forgiveness and say you are seeking treatment, then the public will embrace you or at least move on. If you deny, rationalize, or make excuses for your behavior you will get skewered. (Jason Giambi vs Rodger Clemens.).

    It takes a place like Goodby to make and sell this kind of idea. I doubt GM would trust someone else if they’d presented it.

  2. 2 Matt

    It is moving. I’d like it even more if they said, “We fell down,” instead of, “We all fall down.”

    The current copy is just a half confession instead of admitting their own decisions got them to their current state.

    But hey, if you can fit Bluto into your commercial, how can you go wrong?

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