This just seems like a bad idea to me.

Here in California, we’ve seen the drawbacks of having massively important services centralized – look at what happened in the CA energy crisis or the “Too big to fail” financial fiasco. We’re starting to see how much sense it makes to decentralize things like power generation by putting solar on the roofs of every house. So I just can’t imagine why anyone would trust all their applications, all their documents and basically all their business and personal productivity to one entity.
Yes, Google is massive. Yes, they do a ton of good. Yes, I actually trust Google when it comes to my privacy. But stuff happens. Chinese governments hack. Hell, 75% of planes still don’t have wi-fi – so there are literally untold ways that, if I keep all my docs in the cloud, I could be prevented from getting to them when I really need them.
While this Google video is quite good at communicating reasons to use the Chrome OS, the only real way to keep your stuff safe is to have it both locally on your computer and in the cloud. Backups, people. Backups.

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