Ovechkin a Spy?


I remember when the “This is Sportscenter” campaign was ostensibly about what went on behind the scenes at the legendary highlight show. Sure, it was completely over the top, but for each execution there was a kernel of truth in both the show and the athletes they used.

These days? It seems like the spots are just there to promote the athletes themselves. Oh sure, they’re still pretty damn funny, but what about this Alex Ovechkin spot has anything to do with Sportscenter? Maybe W+K realized that at the core, people really only care about the stars and not the show. I don’t know.

But what I do know is that this is still one of the all-time greatest campaigns in the history of advertising.


One Response to “Ovechkin a Spy?”

  1. 1 Fonduzzi

    I like these spots better the more absurd they are. Plus after so many years you need to break the template a bit.

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