The Addy’s hate digital.


Dear Addys,

I saw your list of categories for this year’s awards and frankly, I was appalled.

No social media category within Interactive Media? Banner campaigns lumped in with screensavers? (Screensavers? Really?) You sure you don’t have a category for “Best Program Created in MS DOS”?

You have six sub-categories under “Newspaper” but only five sub-categories for the entire world of “Interactive Media?

You’ll only judge via website ULRs? What about promotional websites that were only up for a short period of time? What about promotional Facebook tabs that are up for a limited time as well? iPhone apps? Are we to assume they’re lumped in with “Text Messaging”? Online annual reports get their own category but not blogs? What about online videos that aren’t “Internet Commercials (Run on the Internet)” (sic)?

Apparently you’re all under the impression this is 1996 and AOL is still sending floppy disks to our front doorsteps every two days. Could you be more out of touch with where advertising is going these days? Or did you happen to release a version of the categories from when Clinton was President?

Seriously though, get with the times. You should be awarding more than half your Addy’s to digital work – in all its forms. And if you’d like help crafting those categories, I’m happy to help. You know how to get ahold of me. That is, if you have this great new invention called email.


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