Aren’t we getting tired of this yet?

God I hope 2011 is the year that advertising grows tired of the fake “real” videos. But I doubt it. This one is well done and will fool 98% of the people who watch it. They’ll never think to dig a little deeper and learn the real story behind it. Hopefully we can move past this phase and into something a little more original. Deal?

3 Responses to “Aren’t we getting tired of this yet?”

  1. I’ll second that. While we’re at it, can we move beyond portraying everyday people as superheroes for completing a simple task and referring to someone who is above-average at what they do as a rockstar?

  2. 2 Fonduzzi

    This isn’t an ad though is it? Perhaps this is the only good use for these kinds of videos. A VFX artists demo reel.

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