New Doritos Super Bowl spot a complete rip off.


Funny that I was sent the same Doritos Super Bowl spot from two different readers today. One (rightfully) pointed out that it’s a blatant rip off of another spot (see above). And when you watch them side-by-side, it’s pretty clear that’s true.

The other reader linked to this article that also (rightfully) rants on how homophobic the ad really is. Most of America will watch this spot and titter into their palms.

“What’s funnier than a man making eyes at another man? What’s funnier than hapless homosexual males guessing that a straight guy is interested in them? I know: assuming an audience of 80 billion also agrees it’s funny.”

It’s just depressing that this is what passes for great advertising these days. The Super Bowl should be where the best of the best are shown – not some rip-off, homophobic crap like this.


5 Responses to “New Doritos Super Bowl spot a complete rip off.”

  1. 1 Fonduzzi

    “So good, you’ll go gay for one!”

    If you asked Doritos what their brand stood for, would they say, “shots to the groin, gay jokes, and YouTube generated commercials.”? What else could they say?

  2. 2 dennis

    I wasn’t offended by the content of either spot, but I was offended by the blatant rip-off of the concept by the Doritos spot. I would also add that based on it’s poor production value, it will never run during this or any other Super Bowl. It’s likely just a stray entry in the Doritos-Pepsi Max Crash Superbowl Commercial contest.

  3. 3 Toby

    Fittingly enough, check out this student campaign that Ogilvy tweeted about today. It’s dealing with the complexity of being pro-gay as a straight man. And it’s letting girlfriends do the job for them.!/OGILVY

    And the video:

  4. 4 Lee Stevens

    With the exception of the BMW commercial ( I am glad to hear it that it is designed and built in the USA) I thought the rest were either lame, confusing, or pointless.The new chemicals that Doritoes have been coated with are too much, and the bad commercials have encouraged me not to buy them any more.The Chrysler M&M spot was artistically compelling, but I don’t care how much Detroit doth protest, big black, ugly ass, overpriced gas hogs, are not on my buy list, and they should know that.So shove your broke ass angry Detroit needs you, guilt trip.
    Which brings me to the over produced under performing pre and half time shows.
    I am not out to crucify Christine for blowing the lyrics to the National Anthem considering she tried to strain and gut it out doing it A Cappella. It underlines how badly produced and executed the entertainment was.The Black Eyed Peas were dreadful. The mikes didn’t work.They flew people in from the ceiling and only covered the last ten feet.Ushers flying leap into full blown splits was impressive but was meaningless as a finale to the shitckophrenc, hodge-podge, the Black Eyed Peas threw up.
    While Super Bowl 45 the game was better than ok the photographic coverage was poor and dull, the game coverage by the announcers was uninspired and the know it all dribble insufferable.
    Put the Superbowl back into a park from either one of the teams who are playing.Have the match in the daylight where its well lit, and cut all the way over the top hype because on whole the hype, across the board outstrips the players or performers abilities.Not only is the thrill of the Super Bowl history, so is any of its charm, while the rip off of the fans goes unbridled with more and more cost.Flying thousands of people thousands of miles in the worst winter storm of the decade was stupidity based on nothing but greed.

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