The Force is not strong with this one.


Not to be a killjoy, because this spot is kinda funny. But there’s not a single reason in this commercial about why I should buy this car. In fact, for the first 30 seconds of this 60-second spot, you don’t even see the car at all. If you can substitute any of your competitors into your commercial and it still works, it’s not a good commercial.


3 Responses to “The Force is not strong with this one.”

  1. Yes, the Chevy “Bumblebee” Trarnsformers spot crushes it.

  2. 2 Skip

    No reason to buy this car, brand indifference?

    The “Force,” behind this clever ad is not Darth Junior; it’s the remote start. Is this standard issue on all brands, NO? Will this sell to traditional American car buyers, NO. Is this commercial to sway you into a VW, NO? It’s a reminder that VW has lowered their 35K Passat by Ten Thousand and added the popular CC feature, remote start. Simple as that.

  3. 3 dognpony

    If that’s supposed to be the reminder, they failed. I’ve now watched this spot about 6 times and I never once took away that information.

    If you lower a car’s price by $10,000 you might want to mention that before, oh, the last ONE SECOND of your ad.

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