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Here’s a fun idea from a Vodka that’s different from the usual uber-cool, hipster posturing we usually see. There’s some serious copywriting in this thing – only to be equalled by the awesome art direction and direction. Really nice work in a category that feels stale. Advertisements

I love that insurance companies (of all clients) are pushing things a lot these days. Allstate has some awesome spots featuring the anthropomorphizing of “Mayhem” and now Farmers has this fun commercial that does a great job of depicting the dangers of something as boring as dryer fires.

Once again, no clue what it has to do with selling candy, but this is one of their weirder/funnier/more original spots I’ve seen. And yes, if you do it, it’s creepy as hell.

Sure, it’s a small-scale stunt, but at least it’s a fun one.

So the other day I read with interest the AdAge article called “Do Campaign Failures, High-Profile Firings Signal the End of Social Media?” It chronicled the downfall of Pepsi’s Refresh Project and Burger King’s many failed social media attempts, and it was the talk of digital and social media agencies everywhere. Now let me be […]

My new toy.


The Dog & Pony Show is on hiatus today while I transfer all my stuff over to my new, beautiful 13″ Macbook Air. Returning tomorrow to regularly scheduled posts.

I’ll pass. But thank your dad for offering up his nuts. Via.