GameStop pollutes the bay with ridiculous stunt.



Time to stop buying stuff at GameStop. The video game retailer decided it was a good idea to release hundreds of red balloons to kick off the launch of some new game. Of course many of those balloons then ended up in the bay, polluting the water and endangering sea life and birds.

Way to go GameStop. What’s your next promotion? Dumping barrels of oil onto Ocean Beach? Maybe next time you’ll put a single second of thought into the dumb-ass stunts you pull – because you certainly put no thought into this one.

2 Responses to “GameStop pollutes the bay with ridiculous stunt.”

  1. 1 IWantedItYesterday

    I read this post and thought, like you, that the stunt was the outright dumb and irresponsible. But we should clear up 2 points:

    1. The stunt was not executed or promoted by GameStop, they were not aware of the stunt until after it happened (at least that’s the alleged statement)

    2. The balloons are 100% organic and 100% bio-degradable

    Having said that, I can’t see how anyone could possibly think a stunt like this would be well-received by the local community. Especially in the Bay Area.

  2. 2 Fonduzzi

    Meh. No one seems to complain at the hundreds of other events where people release hundreds of balloons in the air. (i.e. Every sporting event, walk-a-thon, ribbon cutting ceremony, New Year’s Eve, elementary school project, etc.)

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