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Damn this is a cool idea. It uses QR codes in print to communicate in a way that I’ve never seen done before. What a great understanding of how the technology can be used – not just for technology sake – but for connecting with an audience on a deeper, more information and emotional level. […]

Well, they are made with “real beef” after all… Via.

I’ve posted about Rethink so many times I can’t even link to them all. They are the single most creative but least known agency in North America. Their work is consistently fantastic. And their Call for Entries for the scholarship they offer is just as cool. For the third year in a row, Langara College […]

Leave it to Axe to make a spot that cracked me up. And what do you know? There’s even a product benefit in here. So many commercials try and be funny like this, only to fail miserably. Kudos to Axe for pulling it off.

Good god this is awful. Pepsi, you may have the money to buy half the current and former major leaguers, but apparently you didn’t have enough money to buy a decent concept. Coke actually creates their own stuff – Happiness Factory was pure, wonderful imagination. Pepsi? You just borrow equity right and left. You care […]

Man, this is good. Really good. Let’s just hope my wife doesn’t see it, otherwise I’ll be expected to do something similar for our anniversary in June.

Worst ad I’ve seen this month. Maybe the worst I’ve seen in 2011. Hands down.