Here comes the Facebook backlash.


Maybe I was ahead of the curve. I was probably just lucky. But last week I wrote a column called “Social Media Hasn’t Failed Advertising, We’ve Failed Ourselves” about how, as marketers, we’ve walked away from the age-old tactics in pursuit of metrics that don’t do anything to move products. It was picked up by The Egotist Network and run in San Francisco, Denver and New York.

Then yesterday, CNNMoney ran an article called “Facebook: Where marketing efforts go to die?” that knocked some pretty big holes in the Facebook mythology. Then Forrester Research came out with a study showing that Facebook pages are less effective at drumming up business than plain old email newsletters or search ads.

Blogs everywhere have picked up the news and run with it.

Is this the bubble bursting for Facebook marketers? I doubt it. If we’ve learned anything, most marketers are slow on the uptake. They’re going to play their Facebook bet for a while. And for the record, I’m not saying they shouldn’t. I’m saying ad agencies need to get back to the fundamentals and actually use social media for real business goals – not just “likes,” views and reTweets.

But until then, I’ll be watching with interest to see how many brands start jumping off the Facebook bandwagon.


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