It’s the battle for the bottom.


Ok advertising fans, here it is. The Battle Royale. Last week I said this McD’s spot was the absolute worst thing on TV and reader @MaxKats88 countered with this horribly acted Applebee’s commercial. Comment away… which one makes you want to claw your eyes out with a rusty salad fork more?


3 Responses to “It’s the battle for the bottom.”

  1. 1 dennis

    Applebees 2 for 20 is a textbook example of bad. McDonald’s Caramel Mocha transcends bad.

  2. 2 adamthesmith

    How’s about this for a travesty. Not only against advertising, but Karmarama agency, who’ve done some cracking stuff before.

  3. 3 dognpony

    Ugh. That is brutally bad, too. Thanks for commenting.

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