It’s no wonder Pepsi is losing to Coke.


Good god this is awful. Pepsi, you may have the money to buy half the current and former major leaguers, but apparently you didn’t have enough money to buy a decent concept.

Coke actually creates their own stuff – Happiness Factory was pure, wonderful imagination. Pepsi? You just borrow equity right and left. You care more about who you can steal cache from than you do about putting the work into creating your own. That, my friends, is a huge reason you’re losing to Coke. Coke is the cool kid everyone wants to be like. Pepsi is the loser kid who tries (and fails) to swipe everyone’s style.


One Response to “It’s no wonder Pepsi is losing to Coke.”

  1. 1 Scott Parish

    Yeah pretty lame but +1 for Ricky playing Rock-paper-scissors with his selves.

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