Bob Hoffman, why are you lying and deleting my comments?


It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Bob Hoffman of Hoffman/Lewis. On his blog, The Ad Contrarian, he has this painfully contrived schtick where he sets up digital strawmen and then knocks them down – supposedly cutting through the bullshit and interactive hucksters out there. His argument are usually so full of holes and faux logic that I don’t even know where to start.

But personal differences aside, a while back I posted a nice review of a campaign his agency created – noting at the end that “It’s a truly integrated campaign – although the funny thing is, Bob Hoffman, one of the shops founders, constantly rants on his blog about how Social Media is a waste and no one watches online video. Bob? Are you eating your own words?”

Just today, I came across Bob’s response which he, in effect, calls me a liar and generally insults me throughout. He writes “No. Those are not my words and if you want them eaten, you’ll have to do it yourself.”

For the record Bob, you’re full of shit. Here are just a few excerpts from Bob’s blog (of which I could have gone on and on).

“Online video advertising is another joke. 99% of all video is currently watched on a tv, not a computer.”

“Social media is a rumor. Everybody is hyperventilating about it, but nobody has any idea of how you even measure success.”

“Marketers with brains and the ability to see beyond the hype and the baloney [about Social Media] are going to start to catch on.”

 “Online video accounts for a ridiculously small 1% of video watched.”

When I backed up my assertions with these quotes in the comment section of Bob’s blog, he didn’t respond. He just deleted my comment – one of the more cowardly moves I’ve seen online. You see, while Bob claims to shine a light on charlatans, Bob doesn’t like the light shined on himself – because he’s a fraud, too.

So Bob, if you want to keep pretending those aren’t really your words and continue to bully anyone who disagrees with you, be my guest. I’d say take it like a man and stand behind your words, but from reading your blog, I know you’ll probably just insult me some more, never actually address the facts and disappear behind hairsplitting about why you didn’t really say what you said.

My question is for the clients of Hoffman/Lewis – including the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission that I blogged about: If the founder of Hoffman/Lewis is so sure that social media is “hype and baloney” and “online video advertising is another joke” then why is he selling it to you?


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