Even Mr. Monopoly can’t buy a good lottery commercial.


I don’t know what it is about lottery clients. I used to work for one and they universally buy bland, boring stuff. It’s really hard work to get anything edgy or Cannes-worthy past them. Take these spots for the Minnesota State Lottery. Could they be any more expected and unfunny? Mr. Monopoly is rich. He’s giving away money. Lots of people win. He gets worried. Ugh.

But I guarantee you that Olsen, the agency that did this work, presented much, much better concepts that they just couldn’t sell through the government bureaucracy. What a shame.

Come on lotteries across the country – you sell a product that genuinely gets people excited. Do some advertising that does the same.



2 Responses to “Even Mr. Monopoly can’t buy a good lottery commercial.”

  1. 1 dennis

    I spent enough years in Lottery Account Purgatory to know that every time that dreaded “Monopoly Winners Bell” rings, it’s just another $2 Winner on a $5 scratch ticket.

  2. Seems to me that they could have done a little roundtable and come up with funnier/ better copy. I’m not seeing how you can even blame legal for screwing this up. And what about the tag, “How many people live in Minnesota?”

    If they had made this about property, hotels and the general hoarding of wealth we relate to Monopoly, they might have had something.

    If they’re looking to establish a Pavlovian response that elicits a ticket purchase upon hearing a bell, they’re sorely disappointed.

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