Creator of Kia pedophillia ad also made WWF 9/11 scam ad.


Ok Cannes – it’s time to step up and ban this guy like you promised. Douchebag and scam artist extraordinaire Rodolfo Sampaio, Chief Creative Officer for Moma Propaganda in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been caught yet again entering a fake ad in an award show. If the name sounds familiar, Rodolfo was the lowlife who caused the uproar for entering a tasteless 9/11-themed ad for the WWF.

AdLand has the full story, but the offensive print ad for Kia won a Silver Lion at Cannes this year.

When my post about what to do with scammers was adopted by The One Club, Cannes was conspicuously silent on the matter. When they finally did address the scam issue it was a charade. But they did say they would ban individuals involved.

So will you Cannes? Or will you make your award show even more ridiculous by turning yet another blind eye? I fully support AdLand, who has rightfully asked people to tweet their displeasure to @Cannes_Lions.


One Response to “Creator of Kia pedophillia ad also made WWF 9/11 scam ad.”

  1. 1 David

    I expect that the job is removed already. Due to the obvious reasons:

    From an agency point of view: The amount of time and money we spend on entering real jobs made for clients, based on real briefs, jobs that have been approved, jobs we have sold – is huge. It should be obvious that the competition should completely free from essays, ideas from the drawer, and fictive campaigns. Just out of respect for the real work that made it to the competition it should be removed. I guess that disappointment from the agencies that entered in that category makes them act. Loosing to a fictive idea must be completely unacceptable.

    From a creative point of view:
    If the competition opens up for drawer ideas, what’s the point of competing, anyone can come up with a good idea..

    From an award show point of view:
    We have in CCA seen cheats and fictive work entered, and always removed the work immediately, and never been in a situation where cheats were repeated, if the job is removed, and the award given the the worthy, the case should be over.

    @dasmussen – head of Creative Circle Award Jury and CD, (HK) JWT CPH

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