Jack Daniels does the perfect Anthem.


It’s REALLY tough to do an anthemic spot like this without being so generic as to be meaningless. So I have to salute this Jack Daniels anthem. Everything in it ties back directly to the product. It’s big without trying too hard or seeming inauthentic. And the ending is just the perfect touch of cleverness. This is my favorite spot of at least the past several months.


2 Responses to “Jack Daniels does the perfect Anthem.”

  1. I auditioned to do the voice over for this and I have to say the voice and direction they chose kicked butt on my attempt. I wonder how tough a pitch this was for the creative team, since so many tries at “apple pie” driven copy tend to look more like a lampoon or at best are simply forgettable.

    I do think this speaks to a large portion of the core audience and works perfectly with the brand.

  2. 2 Scott Parish

    Makes me want a shot of whiskey.

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