Comic-Con Bingo


Here’s my Comic-Con story: Last year, I went to the mother of all comic conventions for work. Lipton was doing a partnership with the Green Lantern movie and they sent me down there to see what comic fans wanted. I had to buy scalped tickets – which ended up being fake. Then I had to track down the scalper and demand my money back. Having re-secured my cash, I then bought tickets from a guy who was sure I was a cop. Once inside, it was insane. I wasn’t dressed in costume and I was in the minority by a longshot. There were hour-long lines to see movie trailers that would be released on YouTube just days later. And any booth featuring a comic artist signing autographs was mobbed like the Beatles.

After all that, I had to laugh out loud when I saw these two Comic-Con Bingos. They’re so spot on, you’d be yelling “Bingo!” in the first minute you walked in the convention center doors.


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